Hello and welcome to this website which is dedicated to the wonderous collection of Disney music.

I'm a ska musician from the Netherlands. Ska music was born on the streets from Jamaica, and sounds a bit like reggae, but usually it's played faster. In December 2001 I got the idea to make a ska-version from the famous Disney theme park song "Grim Grinning Ghosts". Since I was very pleased with the result, new covers followed shortly. When the collection kept growing, I decided to put them all on a site so everybody can enjoy them.

You may wonder why the underwater theme... well, Sebastian the crab from the Little Mermaid is a muscian too, and his jamaican style (as can be heard in "under the sea") has a kind of ska / reggae feeling to it. That's why I decided the underwater environment would fit with my ska covers from Disney.

I hope you'll enjoy these new versions of old and beloved pieces of Disney music and if you have any suggestions, comments or remarks, dont hesitate to drop me a line!

Thomas P. Struijke