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It all started with a... brilliant musician with 2 passions in his life. He used to play ska-music for several years and something totally different; he loves the Disney Classics and Theme Parks. Once upon a rainy afternoon in a land far away he got the desire to combine his 2 passions and voila......the first Disney-ska was a fact. Besides the creation of the music, Thomas is responsible for the basic concept of this site and the updates on Skankin' Mouse Music.
Luna is our expert for the technical aspect of our site. When you have an idea and need some technical help, Luna is always able to spread some Pixie-dust and fixs the problem in a Disney-way. The sky is the limit! She is responsible for the contact with webrings and forums and is the brain behind the Skankin' Mouse Music's magical mailinglist.
He is the source of many ideas for the promotion of Skankin' Mouse Music. It seems like he lives in an Imagination Institute! If it doesn't exsist, he creates it! His task is to improve the relationship between Skankin' Mouse Music and its visitors.
Joris designed the new look of Skankin' Mouse music. His drawing talent gave this site an unique look you can't find anywhere on the whole World Wide Web!. You imagine it, he makes it. Nothing is to wacky for him! The choices are as wide as your imagination!